Track IT supports all common operations in the fields of booking, delegation, planning and execution of transportation.
And we have a couple of more aces up our sleeves:

  • INVOICING: When a ride is terminated, Track IT forwards the invoice to the bookkeeping system. Track IT supports and integrates all known bookkeeping systems. What’s more, Track IT supports different file formats, WebServices and Office integration.
  • ADDITIONAL BOOKING FEATURES: Some bookings are more standardized than others: Same route, same Tuesday every month, same load, etc. In just a few clicks, Track IT enables the operator to set up regular trips and booking templates, reusable over and over.
  • COMMUNICATING THROUGH DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES: Track IT is perfectly flexible when it comes to communicating with drivers, haulers and customers. Whether you prefer texting, email, radio, smartphones or a combination of these, Track IT will live up to your expectations.
  • FOCUS ON YOUR LIQUDITY: Track IT is not only a low-cost system, which will soon pay for itself. As soon as a ride is registered as terminated, invoicing can proceed automatically.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR BOOKKEEPING SYSTEM: Track IT does not tie you to a particular bookkeeping system. Track IT communicates with the system you have, or plan to buy.
  • FLEXIBLE PRICE CALCULATION: How would you like to settle your account with your customers? Track IT has a range of options that can meet the needs of you and your customer.
  • HEARD OF BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE? Business Intelligence is the knowledge you have always looked for, but didn't know you had! Track IT Business Intelligence reports, on screen or paper, is good news for your bottom line!
  • TRACK IT TRAINER SYSTEM -TTS: Get to know Track IT – fast, easily and at low cost by using the fully integrable training module. Let our instructors pay you a non-committal visit and get you off to a good start. TTS is also a good place to test and evaluate adjustments before these are implemented.