We have applied the technology from our Wunderlimo directly to our Pedicab App.

The Pedicab App is a useful alternative to the standard taxi ride in bicycle cities. The Pedicab App is perfect for tourists who want to see the city from a different perspective. The Pedicab App is also a great advantage for locals that prefer a fast and flexible means of transportation, avoiding motor traffic.

Before, it was a challenge for the customer to find the Pedicab ranks; another challenge was the lack of price transparency.

This has now changed with the Pedicab App.

Simple for the user

Using the Pedicab App on your smartphone, you enter the destination and use your present GPS position as pick-up location.

  • Choose a sightseeing trip.
  • Book your ride immediately.
  • Book your ride, entering the desired date and time.
  • The Pedicab App will present a selection of available bicycle cabs in the area, including info of type, price and driver rating.
  • Choose the desired pedicab, pay your deposit and get your arrival time.
  • When arriving at your destination, rate your riding experience.
Simple and easy!